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CID Capital makes majority investments in lower-middle-market companies with a strong history of consistent performance.  Our focus is on companies that have the potential to grow significantly but have been constrained by lack of capital, operating systems, or management experience.  CID provides the resources and capital to overcome these critical constraints.

CID’s investment philosophy is based on a collaborative partnership with operating managers who have the industry experience and high level of motivation needed to build a dynamic entrepreneurial business.  Managers in CID portfolio companies are given an opportunity to share in the value creation process and to participate in the economic success of their efforts.

Platform Investment Criteria

Revenue:  $10-100 million CID equity check:  $7-15 million
EBITDA:  $3 million minimum Transaction size:  $10-70 million
Control transactions and majority recapitalizations Headquarters in the United States and Canada

Industry Focus:  Consumer – Industrial – Distribution

Household Products   Niche Manufacturing
Personal Care   Power Generation Components
Pet Care   Test & Measurement
Outdoor Products   Safety & Security
Lifestyle, Health & Wellness   Ventilation Products
Apparel & Accessories   Automotive Aftermarket
Infant & Juvenile   Industrial Manufacturing

Our Process

CID Capital’s investment team reviews opportunities and quickly determines which prospects match our criteria.  We then focus our attention on a limited number of companies, working with our network of industry experts to refine our analysis.  We move quickly and responsively throughout the investment process and have streamlined our diligence and review requirements to insure a smooth transaction.

CID’s Limited Partners include major commercial banks and financial groups interested in participating in our platform investments.  Consequently, we are able to establish the capital structures needed to successfully close transactions in challenging environments.  We pride ourselves in being able to deliver fair deals to all parties involved in CID's transactions.

To discuss investment opportunities or to learn more about CID Capital, please contact Adam Bolerjack at adam@cidcap.com or at 317-708-4863.

If you intended to reach the venture capital firm CID Equity, the correct website is cidequity.com.

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